Which Cassette is supported?
Support Shimano 9/10/11 speed SRAM 9/10/11 speed Campy 10/11 speed
LED display status?
ANT+/BLE Active:Flashing Green light 5 seconds (when bike startup and R1 connects to smart phone) Full Battery:Blue Light Battery Charging:Orange Light Low Battery:When power lower than 20%, LED flashes Red Light 5 seconds (1 flash per second)
How to charge?
Need to use a special magnetic-type USB connector (with anti-protect mechanism). Charges with DC +5V power supply.
Does it support QR (quick release)?
How to start the power hub?
After complete setup procedures, the power hub automatically start when the rear wheel rotate over than one circle, and connected with the smart phone by ANT+ or BLE.
How long required to recharge the battery? How long can I use after charging?
Full charge needs about 2.5 hours, continuous use over 60 hours at least.
What are major materials of power meter hub?
Body–AL6061 (Anodized) Axle–AL7075 (Anodized)
What kind of bike does the CyberMotions power hub support?
Road Bike,Support the rear axle length 140mm bike.

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