Limited Warranty Policy


Cyber Motions products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 12 months since the date of original purchase. Original proof of purchase is required. This warranty is made only with the original purchaser of the product and does not extend to any third parties.

The warranty does not apply to damage caused by:

  • Cosmetic damage – such as crash ,scratches, dents on appearance.
  • Abuse , accidental damage, impact force,
  • Non-compliance with specific cautions of usage , improper maintenance or test over the product specification , Act of God

The warranty does not cover consumable parts, accessories, software and second-hand products.

Cyber Motions reserves the right to refuse the warranty on product or service for any breach of above statements.

DOA (Defective On Arrival)
    Definition - Products are considered as DOA when the conclusive proof functions abnormal within the 10 days from shipping invoice date.

    Services on DOA - Products requested for DOA should be completely in original packaging, unused products and accessories (power cables, user menu) when returned. Or, it will be considered as RMA.

    Cyber Motions will inspect and determine result of the DOA product before replacement.

RMA ( Return Material Authorization)
    Definition - Defects been found 10 days after the shipping invoice date and within the warranty duration.

    Services on RMA -

    In-Warranty period:Repairing on in-warranty item or product is free of charge for both material and labor costs. If the defects required to repair belong to exclusions of warranty such as improper handling, scratched and etc., the repair fees will be charged.

    Out of Warranty-When RMA products out of warranty, all the repair costs of inspection, materials, labor ; shipping cost of return and send back will be at Customer’s charge.

When Customer decides not to repair upon receive the quotation, the inspection fee will be essentially charged. Cyber Motions reserves the right not providing repair services for products out of warranty.


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